Sunday, May 25, 2008

A sweet Saturday!

I woke up Saturday morning thinking, oh Its going to be just another typical Saturday , but I didn't know It was going to be the most sweetest Saturday of my life.
As usual me and my friends set off to KL to wonder about, and while we were roaming around in one shopping mall, there was this circus like thingy and there were clowns,people dressed like cartoon characters and many more, and they were giving out balloons of various colors and shapes for FREE!
As always I wanted a balloon, Its not fare that kids only get it right:D? So I was having this sulky face because I wanted a balloon my BF shouted through the crowd asking for a HEART shaped balloon from the clown.
The clown laughed at us and asked was it for me , then My BF said yes, then clown said u must do something touchy, he thought for a while and said Ok boss all u have to do is Kneel down and give ur gal the balloon (u know like u propose) and the balloon is Yours.
I looked at my Bf and nodded my head saying NO, because there were so many people and I was kinda shy( yeah hehe thats me) I didn't want my MAN to be embarrassed as well, But he knew that I wanted the balloon badly,So he got on one knee and gave me the balloon everyone started applauding and cheering.. I felt soo special and Happy ,IT WAS A WONDERFUL FEELING.. and I realized how much I mean to him.. but my friends were so exited that no one remembered to take a picture of that beautiful moment, but I know it will be one of those moments that u don't need to have a picture to remember! Love u my CYBORG


Thiranjala Weerasinghe said...

Oh life is like that. The day we least expect something great happens. We must learn to live evryday of our lives as special

Shehan said...

haha.. good one.. good on your BF too..and you had a great day..

Lady divine said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! :D

eLhamza said...

The Cyborg is not t all "cyborg" after all isn't it? lol