Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wow It has been a year !

For a long time i have been so lazy to write anything, but now even though I am in middle of exams I really want to write about my special upcoming day :)
Its my first anniversary with my boyfriend on 13th July ,yeah yeah i know 13th i s bad luck , but its much worser we got together on a 13th Friday the unluckiest day ever, but it turned out to be the luckiest day in my whole life...
I have never been in a relationship like this before and I really have no idea what to do. I know we should celebrate it but I don't no how .. I know have to give my man something but I don't no what.. I am confused like hell, because I want this to be the best day ever but I have no idea how..I am pathetic aren't I? I really wish I could go Somewhere romantic and spend the day together and have a candle light dinner under the stars ( yeah I day dream a lot) , but I guess it only happens in movies.
Since it has been the best year in my life I want to celebrate it sooooo much, but the timing is not good because our final exams starts on 18th and also we are TOTALLY broke...Not that I want it to be exotic, I just want it to be sweet and memorable but I have no idea how to..

I am pretty sure my Boy friend is also having the Same thoughts right now, but I guess we have no choice,other than spending our special day just like a another lazy Sunday with lot of cramming .. so much for all our romantic plans :( guess we could celebrate it some other day when we are in a much relaxed and better situation , but it wont be the same..will it?

Anyway what really matters is the love we have for each other isn't it?and I think
I shouldn't be so worried because we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate and this wont be our last.

If u guys have any good ideas for me let me know...
keep blogging :)


Lady divine said...

Happy Happy anniversary!!!!
and here's to many more!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hu cares abt stupid final exams men !!!!! celebrate !! celebrate !! !!! I'm sooooooooooo happy for u 222222 !!!!!! CongratS & Happy Anniversary !!!!!

LA_F said...

Heyy Bubbly .. Happy Anniversary !! .. you asked for ideas ne .. how abt a boat ride !! . u've a sea ne .. rent a boat and go on a nice trip .. to celebrate ..

eLhamza said...

I'm sure he has something special planned in his mind.Lol


Thackshila said...

happy anniversary girl.. don't worry about how much u can spend.. its how much u can share on that day.. u don't need that much money to make it special u see.. anything would be fine as long as u are happy about it..

Anonymous said...

hi i ahve gone through your blog and found it is intersting. and enormous creativity is there if you take a chance to express them..

A sHe MiNd!!! said...

sorry for the delay but i was having exams ... THANKS A LOT everyone.. it went great..
And earn a life thanks so much for ur comment..
Keep blogging