Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello Again!

Hi there everyone, It has almost been a year since I wrote my last post. I couldn't even think of writing anything than essays for the last couple of months, Life has been really hectic but at last am graduating , that's a big relief. I didn't do great on my exams but I did OK I guess, Since I skipped second year and got in to third year everything was very difficult and I never thought i will pass, anyway I am glad that nightmare is over !
but now I am feeling so bored and useless I wish I had something to study. Job hunting is the worst thing in the world, now I have moved from Sunderland to London, am looking for jobs desperately. I wake up in the morning, and the first thing I do is applying for jobs , I apply for half a dozen of jobs everyday but I never get a reply , even if i do, they say I don't have enough experience, how the hell am I supposed to get experience if nobody hires me??
I was always dreaming of getting a degree, I thought everything will fall in to places after that, but guess its the other way around my life is more scattered now, there is no certainty , and am penny less ,I have limited going out and am stuck at home 24/7. and the worst part is my Fiance is super busy that I rarely talk to him, I have not seen him for months, I don't blame him coz he has to earn his tuition so he is working like mad, but still I feel as if I am all alone! :(
And I am figuring out how to go to my graduation coz it will cost me around 300 pounds, everyonr wants me to go, but I am wondering whether its worth it?
Sorry for the public lamenting but really needed to get it out of my head!! Hope I will have something interesting to write about the next ime!

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Anonymous said...

hey its me nadisha akki. $300 is worth spending on a graduation..Go!